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[27 Apr 2006|06:32pm]
so i'll be keeping this journal for moderating my communties and what not.

but you can keep tabs on me at this journal:
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[21 Apr 2006|09:15pm]
When did my Fridays become so pathetic?

Well, not pathetic entirely. I've just become a hermit on Fridays & Saturdays, with the exclusion of hanging out with Jade. Tonight I realized I left my wallet in Colin's care (And he's working a 3p-3a shift at the hosptial) So I went to Wells Fargo and charmed my way into getting $30 out of account.

I proceeded to go to Target and buy an exacto knife, to JoAnns to buy fabric paint, and to the dollar store (Because, everythings a dollar and you cant beat that. Plus the people there are amazing) I attempted to make a Jenny Lewis stencil. But it just sort of turned out to be a busty woman that's unrecognizable. Oh well, it was my first try.

I've spent the last hour budgeting our money. Thank God I never pursued an accounting degree. However, I squeal whenever I reconcile the account on Quicken.

I caught up with Jeanette and her lovelife and debate tournament. Her team won at nationals, she was all happy & rightfully so!

Now, I am sitting here debating between popping my Gilmore girl's disc or mopping the kitchen so the weird substance that leaked from the garbage will not be on the floor. Oh Friday night decisions ...
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[17 Apr 2006|12:33pm]
new hairrr.

(i'm too lazy to take my own picture so i stole this from jade)

jade and i had a date friday night.
it consisted of crafting & coldstone.
my favorite part was when we were downtown talking about her sociology of sex class and how societys see masturbation. As soon as this guy walking towards us heard us say "MASTURBATION" he stalked us all the way to the parking lot. hah. silly boys
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